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Dynastar Exclusive Legend Eden Skis Power through the Powder

I rode my new Dynastar Exclusive Legend Edens (152) for the first time last weekend. The widest skis in the Dynastar women’s lineup, they simply glided atop the fresh powder at Sierra at Tahoe.

First of all, I must admit that I am not used to skiing on planks this nice. I’ve rented gear for the last two seasons, and most of the rental skis are in need of a good wax at best and at worst, long overdue for replacement. So, I felt like I was floating on a cloud skiing on my brand new factory waxed and tuned skis.

The Legend Edens are pretty skis, and, well, because I am a girl, that’s important to me. I immediately received a compliment from one of the female lifties.

Besides looks, I also wanted skis that could handle the whole mountain with ease, transitioning from powder to groomers and from wide, loopy turns to tight turns in a pinch. At 85 cm under foot (or at the “waist” as it’s called), they’re wider than any skies I’d ever used. The extra surface area, especially at the tips (126 cm) and tails (110), buoyed me to the top of the fresh snow off-trail. I felt like the skis wanted to go with the flow, and all I needed to do was steer them around the obstacles (i.e., trees). When skiing on bumpy snow beaten up by countless other skiers, my skis punched through almost anything.

At the end of the day, the Legend Edens were lightweight and easy to transport to the parking lot with their special anti-slip grips–another plus! Other little extras that I like are the steel guards on the tips (because, I inevitably bump into things) and the women specific design. The Legend Eden is the re-made Exclusive Legend Powder from years past.

Ski.Net gave the Legend Eden a 3.29/5 in its review.

Most reviews and product info. say the Legend Edens are for advanced to expert skiers who ski aggressively. I’m looking forward to taking the skis out much more and seeing all of their–and my–capabilities!


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